Once upon a time there were a young man and a tiny fairy who had met thanks to a spatio-temporal rift between their two parallel worlds.

Each of them had his body in his own world and his soul in the other world. They were happy and in love and had a lot of projects.
But one day the rift closed suddenly. Their trapped souls then began to weaken.
To save their lives, they had no choice but to find the transporters and to escape in the land of Dragsil at the junction of their two worlds.

Help them to find the transporters and escape before their soul energy is exhausted despite all the obstacles on the way.
Their life energy is running out as their soul are trapped in the wrong world and bypassing the obstacles makes them weaker by consuming energy.
All obstacles required a different amount of energy and changing of world weaken them too so be smart, choose well and go fast!

Move = arrows
Change world = ctrl
Interact = space bar 

Install instructions

Unzip the file and double click on .exe file. 


RoadToDragsil.zip 35 MB

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